We just had a boy! Rachel and I are so thankful that he is healthy and beautiful and perfect in every way. We named him Ravi Gabriel. Ravi means “sun” and I believe he is called to shine God’s light and be a bright spot in the lives of everyone he meets and knows. Gabriel means “God is my strength” and I really believe he is going to need to know that and remember that and derive confidence from that every day of his life (as we all need to do).

I could say so much about how joyous I am about his arrival onto the scenes (my personal journal on it is like seven pages long, single-spaced!). Apart from being over-the-moon, I also understand the weight of being a parent and the responsibility to give him and our wonderful daughter Maya the absolute best foundation possible. We want both of our kiddos to grow up emotionally healthy, secure in their identity, impervious to cultural nonsense, and focused on living an epic, God-honoring life that powerfully impacts many.

Right before Ravi was born, I wrote the following to God, and I wanted to share it to give you a glimpse of my heartbeat when I think about everything. If you’re a parent, I imagine you can relate to some – if not all – if these same sentiments. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you get a chance to weigh in!

“about a boy”

We’re having a boy
and i get the amazing opportunity to help raise him
and shape him
and chart the course for his future.

My motivation
is to thank you for your goodness
to make you proud that you gave us the blessing of children
and to create a legacy of Christ followers in my family.

My hope
is that he comes to know you, walk with you, and live for you
and that you help Him to reach his highest potential
to impact his world, to care for his family, and to point people to you.

My job
is to teach him the way he should go
to foster awe, wonder, whimsy, creativity, and unique ways of thinking
and to cultivate self-discipline, humility, responsibility, and resilience.

My joy
is to cheer for our favorite sports teams together
to summit literal and figurative mountains as a family
and to make sure he always believes that anything is possible.

My prayer
is that he gets his identity from you alone
that he does not struggle with self-loathing
and that his friendships and relationships are uplifting.

My concern
is that he’ll go through seasons where he hates me
that i won’t have the strength to keep up with him
and that i’ll unintentionally wound him with my own dysfunctions.

My challenge
is to counter distracting and damaging cultural messages
to keep him focused on what really matters
and to teach him to always trust you and your timing.

My comfort
is knowing that his life is fully in your hands
that you will honor the desires of my heart for him
and that you chose me of all people to be his father.