Hey!!!! Sameer here. Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit more about me! I don’t want to ramble here, so I’ll just say that I simply like to live my life in a way that keeps me joyful and young at heart, and helps me to continually see the world and the people in it with awe, wonder, reverence, and thankfulness. As I get older, I have to be so intentional to guard against cynicism, busyness, pettiness, pride, apathy, and ingratitude. Life is rough and entropy is real, and if I don’t actively fight against that tide, everything becomes a chore. And I don’t want that. I am pretty sure you don’t either. I love reflecting on and chatting about the human condition, and the desires and battles common to us all. If you do as well, let’s connect!

Also, in case you’re curious, here is a pretty decent-sized list of the things I love to do and the things I care about:

Spending time with God, family, and friends (nothing matters more!)

Investing in others (I am called to inspire others towards childlike faith!)

Hiking (I love being out in the mountains!)

Rock climbing (it’s you vs. the rock – such a great challenge!)

Snowboarding (I wish I could go every year, but we try to go every other year because it’s just so fun)

Exploring and adventuring (because it stretches me and makes me stay brave)

Missions trips (we are called to pour ourselves out on behalf of others)

Acoustic guitar (it’s a lovely instrument!)

Writing songs and poems (it’s one way that I try to create beauty)

Blogging (you get it because you’re reading this on my blog!)

Ultimate frisbee (my favorite sport by far!)

St. Louis Cardinals (I was born in St. Louis and my dad raised me to love baseball!)

Kansas City Chiefs (I love the state of Missouri and this is my football team!)

St. Louis Blues (we have yet to win a Stanley Cup, but one day!)

San Antonio Spurs (I have followed them since David Robinson was drafted)

Michigan State Spartans (my alma mater!)

Clean water in India (this is something we are passionate about – building wells across a country I care deeply about)

That’s all for right now. I’ll try to add more soon :)